2019 Theme

Call for Papers: Tamil Resistance in the Twenty-First Century
We are now calling for abstract submissions for articles that pertain to this year’s chosen theme: ‘Tamil Resistance in the Twenty First Century.’ The submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the editorial board, upon acceptance you will then be able to submit your articles by the middle of May.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:
Justice in a post-war landscape
The resistance to caste-based discrimination
The struggles for gender equality

Submission guidance

● Your contribution must adhere to Tamil Academic Journal’s mandate of dismantling racism, sexism, patriarchy, caste based discrimination, able-centeredness, homophobia, transphobia, anti-indigeneity, religious discrimination, and other forms of oppression.

6000 words maximum for all publications which should be written using the Harvard style referencing system.

● It is possible to submit papers in collaboration with others (maximum two authors per paper).

● A deadline for abstracts is 26th April whilst the deadline for the submissions of articles will be in mid May.

● Please send in your abstracts to info@tamilacademicjournal.org and state whether you will be able to attend the conference (details below).