Call for Papers 2023

About us:

The Tamil Academic Journal aims to promote original research that pertains to the global Tamil community. It is dedicated to publishing peer-reviewed articles from all disciplines. In addition to promoting academic research and the transfer of knowledge, the journal strives to create a community of academics around the world to collaborate within and outside their fields.

The Tamil Academic Journal is requesting abstracts for papers from all academic fields for 2023. Authors are encouraged to explore topics of individual interest pertaining to Tamil people and identity. Authors and researchers can publish existing research and/or explore topics that require further academic enquiry.

Call for papers: The Tamil Academic Journal welcomes article submissions from all academic fields, provided that the article relates to the Tamil community.

Contributions must adhere to the Tamil Academic Journal’s mandate of dismantling all forms of oppression. Abstract/Proposal submissions must be a minimum of 500 words. Papers must be a minimum of 5000 words (excluding appendices and bibliographies). It is possible to submit papers in collaboration (maximum four authors per paper). Please refer to the attached documents for the requirements to submit abstracts to the journal. 

We welcome two sets of submissions:

  1. Papers that are yet to be written:
    • These will require the submission of an abstract
    • The deadline to submit the abstract is March 17, 2023.
    • Once the abstract is approved, the editors will outline a publication schedule for the final paper.
  2. Papers that have been already written (for example those that have been submitted as dissertations):
    • These will require the submission of a draft paper and abstract
    • The deadline to submit the draft paper and abstract is April 30, 2023.
    • Once the abstract and draft paper are approved, the editors will outline a publication schedule for the final paper.

Please note that, while completed dissertations and papers can be accepted, they will have to be transformed into a distinct article which can be done with support from the TAJ editorial team.

You can make your submission by clicking here or on this link:

You will be emailed upon the receipt of your submissions.

Please email for more information.

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Tamil Academic Journal